She Talks To Angels – tutorial


  1. stringlesswonder

    Great job again Dale. Now that you guys are tuned open, how about a set of Stones tunes. Problem is picking 3 🙂

  2. YB Negative

    It made sense! and it is what i needed. The metre is still maddening tho! Thanks Dale, for all you do!

  3. carlos lopez

    Dale when you get a chance how bout Jealous Again guitar lesson. What a fun song to play. Just saw the cover from the Lexington Lab Bang. Hope you get the chance. Thanks!

  4. John Rehm

    Dale I was hoping for this one!! Thanks a ton for all of the great lessons!!! I tell everyone I know to check out LLB. Keep up the great work.

  5. Bruce Wayne

    Excellent tutorial! Made it very simple! My 76 SG now dedicated to open E( and my 75 Black Tele Custom open G of course lol) I have 10 electrics and 4 basses but no acoustics! May try boss acoustic pedal to try and emulate as close as possible! Do you think caring for acoustics a lot more work? I'm in Ct and weather and humidity constantly changing and unpredictable! Thanks Dale

  6. 79943

    Great lesson as usual Dale. I love that little opening deal sliding on the second string to the fifth fret as used in Memphis and Hey Joe just to name two that come to mind. Never get tired of it.

  7. Dane Nichols

    Awesome, now I have a chance of playing it correctly. Thanks Dale great lesson.

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