Skull & Cross – Inlay Tutorial Part 2


  1. esa062

    Excavate the skull cavity – You don't see that sentence every day.

  2. Gretsch Drummer

    I criticised the Polar Bear inlay as I felt it wasn't up to standard, this however is great, well done !!

  3. A1BASE

    Out of curiosity, did the client specify that orientation of the inlay? If I'd have done it my first instinct would have been to have the skull oriented towards the bottom of the neck so that it looks upright to the audience while playing, rather than toward the body.

    It's not my style personally, but I think you made a MUCH better job of this one than the last inlay minitorial. Good job!

  4. Jonathan Oakey

    Ooh…I winced when you used the fretboard as a bench for filing the pieces of the cross down to fit the skull! Otherwise, very nice 🙂

  5. Joe Brown

    i've never seen a hand drill like that before, and now i want one.

  6. Olivier Chambon

    ok i have a question… what's different between the whickening and standard super glue?
    as always inspiring video to make so much stuff, thanks Crimson team 😀

  7. Robert Kibbler

    You have the workshop and tools, so Why not make a holder for the scalpel blade that lets just the very tip (which is all that you're actually using most of the time)it would be safer to use more accurate , and you could sell them in the shop? I would buy one, at the right price? Cheers Rob.

  8. Mark Schwarz

    I'm really having trouble with the repetitive music. Commentary is much better Ben.

  9. Lee Sass

    Very nice, I really appreciate these tutorials. This one turned out very nice

  10. Noah

    very impressive! how will you go about fitting the frets on top of the inlay? will the fret teeth need to be ground down where the inlay sits?

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