Slash Soloing Style and Techniques Pt.1 – Advanced Guitar Lesson


  1. Suman Chhetri

    Playing slash in strat? Sometimes is not right.. even though ur playing is awesome… It has to be a lespaul

  2. MarkFritzify

    Carl you're tutorials are AMAZING!! Thanks for all the great vids brother

  3. sgrons69

    I think those pickups are fast tracks. Anyway sounds not like slash.

  4. Nighttrain

    i forgot to write that its a quote i read, if i'm not mistaken, from ozzy osbourne. these people are debating whether is slash is actually good or not.

  5. guitarkay

    my english is bad but i try: if you want a distortion for blues and rock maybe a tubescreamer is you thing (its a little green pedal). A great wah-wah pedal/volumepedal is a cry baby. Boss pedals are great but you could also just buy a Boss ME-70 pedal. Its an all-in pedal en you can create your own effects. I hope I helped you? Good luck!

  6. gomo lastixas

    HELP : I m new in what combination of pedals do i need to have to get that sound?Just tell me the basic pedals that i distortion or od?Maybe a Big muff?Please if anyone know..

  7. Tom Jones

    Hi, sorry if someone has asked already, but what are the chords of the rhythm in this? Thanks

  8. Nighttrain

    lol me too. sweet child 'o mine (the intro melody) is the first song i learn on guitar. i still think he's the coolest guitarist ever.

  9. Nighttrain

    For all the people whom debating about slash, listen to this.. You dont play try to impress joe satriani, you play so the teenagers watching you will go pick up a guitar and try to learn it.. And slash does it really well..

  10. chipsndippings

    Man!!!!! I am really learning how to play like slash. And as of now I'm watching your videos.Based on the comments this is a cool tutorial. Well, I heard you play a solo so now I see why they say you sound like him. :DD

  11. matuteblues

    ja it's kinda funny 'cause your'e actually 10 times better than slash…he should be trying to learn your style!!!

  12. BanannaThug

    Seeing as this is 9001 times more authentic sounding than Lick Libraries Slash video. You should do other full solo's for other artists. *cough* Joe Satriani *Cough*

  13. Buffalodan66

    Can you post a tab for this. I am trying to learn this and a tab would be greatly appreciated! Love your videos and site. Keep up the good work.

  14. dmb3305

    …to hate on the guy for making a profit, he's earned it. I know the Velvet Revolver was his brainchild and were more or less successful because of the names in the band but Slash's Snakepit has some great stuff on it, and the album he just released has some really really good guitar work on it. Check out the song "Nothin To Say" featuring M Shadows. Even the Fergie song on that album has great work in it. I think people are gaga over him because of the image he represents….

  15. dmb3305

    @Killer9299 technical skill wise I agree, he's not even close to as technically skilled as the Doug Aldrich's or Richie Kotzen's from the 80's scene…..with that being said, he's one of the most melodic players of this era and he's written great, great pieces of music. Not to mention he's a huge inspiration to alot of aspiring guitar players, plus he's made his millions the right way, touring his ass off with Guns N Roses when they were in theyre prime. I dont think it's right to….

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