Steve Stine Guitar Lesson – A Killer Diminished Guitar Lick Made Easy


  1. dadude7

    Great lesson….but I’m offended you put those pickups in that other perfect Jem! You’ll pay for that in the afterlife Steve!

  2. Nick Nixxn

    The Best Guitar Teacher on Youtube i think, all the vids i watched(about 20) was absolutely useful!!! BIG THANKS STEVE

  3. Zahau Tharte

    Steve, your encouragment is far more greater than your lessons.. A big like from me!

  4. mrcali68

    Awesome lick and lesson from one of the best on the net!! I humbly submit that f you run out of frets and your last note is the "C" on the high e (20th fret) a great way to resolve this lick is to (from the "C" note) is to pull off to the "A" note on the high e (17th fret) then hit "eflat" and then "e" (20 and 21) on the G string. Give that E note on the g string some serious vibrato! It's a very diminished and "finished"sounding end to this awesome lick.

  5. Ian Edwards

    These guitar lessons are the best. When you first play the lick up to speed I thought there's no way I'm going to play that! By the end of the lesson I'd nailed it, not as fast but with a bit more practice I'll get the speed. Brilliant teacher. Thanks Steve.

  6. 007StarGuitar

    Steve, this is the first lesson of yours i have seen & I am hooked. I will be looking at all your videos. This has helped already in opening up some different playing style. Very Cool, Thanks

  7. Ben Jammin

    another great lesson so few views tho   hate to say its like im your giving perrsonalized lessons lol     thnx

  8. Leandro Müller

    Steve, your videos are always on point and you are a great teacher AND guitar player.
    Much success!

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