‘Story Of My Life’ One Direction guitar chords (How to play) Easy beginners songs guitar lesson


  1. SH. M.N

    Your guitar playing is the best but your voice is not as well as that…
    But it was good at all!

  2. NaZAYNin Shaikh

    It proved very helpful to me…tysm!…
    Its amazing …n this song is one my fav …so tysm andy ????

  3. Gpurz

    This definitely is your own made up bullshit version lmfao

  4. Cloé Gélinas

    not too sure about the note picking yet, but the strumming is on it's way there!  all of my friends love 1D and are SO jealous haha 

  5. tim gustin

    Andy can you please do a lesson on Luke Bryans song I dont want this night to end please I would like to learn that through you…….Thank you Tim

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