Storyville – Good Day For The Blues


  1. BayouGTR

    Storyville, David Grissom and Gov't Mule, Warren Haynes. This is what got me to start playing again.

  2. JA

    Song still brings tears to my eyes after all these years…absolutely incredible.

  3. Andi Picker

    How have I never heard of David Holt?!? Awesome player, awesome band, and DG is already one of my favourite players. Strewth!

  4. FunknRoll95

    Came here cause of my hometown's favorite strummer mister Grissom, but have stayed as a fan of this whole group. 'Soul' is right!

  5. da Bob

    Man, alway loved this song – and to sing along with it — still do after all these years. So glad to find it here.

  6. darin kosmak

    David Grissom and his band play a standing gig at Saxon Pub in South Austin Texas at 6 pm every Tuesday.   Occasionally Malford will show up and sing this timeless hit with the band. It is awesome!  There is no cover for the early show, but please support our local musicians by helping fill the tip jar when it gets passed around.

  7. Artie RT

    Malford used to walk by a house my brother and I were renting, back in the day, and would always come over and sit on the stoop and crack a few pecans with us.  he was a witty and very talented fellow.  I wish Storyville could have lasted longer.

  8. RadicallyRetro Audrey

    Best Band from the 90s…. Hands down! I love you Storyville!  So glad I got to meet these guys! THE BEST!

  9. Brad Cardini

    Wow! What have I missed!! These  guys rock! I was told about Storyville last night from a close friend I haven't seen in years. He told me about theses guys and he was spot on! Love em! Wish they were still playing together

  10. stratstan

    Grissom should have his own sig PRS if he don't already. He is one of my fav Texas players. Incredible phrasing.

  11. tim teague

    Can't believe Malford didn't make it on The Voice, what a travesty……¬† Luv ya man, you always did it for me.

  12. James Tramel

    Malford is one great guy, well they all are, last time I saw them was on the beach in Galveston in the 90's. Malford can kick out the jams, also love me some Arc Angels

  13. J. Smith

    I saw this band live back in the day. One of the best shows I ever saw!

  14. miles perron

    Saw Malford about two weeks ago at Saxon Pub.  Dude is still nails.  Nicest guy in the world too.  Thanked him outside the door for a great show and he gave me a huge, sincere hug.  Sweaty.

  15. Margaret Bonnette

    Does anyone know who Tommy Shannon is currently playing for? And is Tommy Layton still drumming for Kenny Wayne Shepherd or with someone else? I love these guys as well!

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