Super Beginner Slide Guitar Lesson


  1. dennie erham

    i subscribe to your channel so i can learn how to play guitar with slide like jack broadbent ( btw he use flask instead of slider)

  2. GlobalTubeTruth

    "Ok, now that you know to play the C major scale in that high treble octave…" Yeah, sounds like a lesson for "Super beginners". lol I still give you a thumbs up anyway.

  3. Chris Riddell

    this is awesome. I bought a glass slide years ago and barely used it. Its high time i got around to learning how, and this gave me some important techniques that I was missing before

  4. Zepp

    Can't get the strings to stop ringing against the slide

  5. solara clarke

    sorry how boring…put people to sleep…….lot of better slide player teachers out there…your slide sounds like a teenager in the bedroom bending strings Pathetic……

  6. Gitaa A

    Great listen man! Can you apply these same techniques to acoustic guitar? And does the type of slide make a difference on acoustic guitar?

  7. Ramon 0106

    hey dude, i have to make some pression with the slider, or just touch it ?

  8. Kumiji

    yo my b string broke and i cant get new strings right now can you make a slide video without using the b string

  9. 00xanawolf00

    Six minutes, twenty-seven seconds in, and YouTube has already hit me with FOUR ADS.

    Love the video, but it's being interrupted so often that I can't really watch it.

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