Superstition – Funk Ensemble – Electric Guitar Solo


  1. IWkris

    is that a strat? both him and the keyboard sound kinda thin and empty :/ it's not their playing i think

  2. chel d

    I felt like my soul just left my body and started grooving into space

  3. Xan Ra

    hehehe…I like how you act like a rockstar there but still looking sweet and nice. Super cute and like :3

  4. RealXD - 反恐行动

    yay! sungha jung reuploaded everytime -chen
    if you know what i mean 😉
    the video was out of sync, so i guess he had to reupload it 🙂

  5. beka au

    Dear sungha jung you can sing a song Million Roses and another song Ost the last of Mohicans.

  6. Davis Milne

    From recording in his house to the big stages. Glad to have witness the journey Sung Ha

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