Taylor Acoustic Guitar 614 CE


  1. Joshua Diley

    Ready for sell! Let me know when you want to sell your JB. I've got two G&I's so it would be right at home.

  2. TupolevPilot

    Im trying to solder a ground wire to a badass bridge. The solder isnt sticking. I tried sanding down the bridge and it still isnt sticking. Do you know what im doing wrong?

  3. Fender Bender

    But Davey I don't want anything to do with LinkedIn passwords. Are those spam emails exclusively for your patron subs or do you annoy everyone else?

  4. A Tree

    I picked up a guitar notched straight edge (Gibbo and Fender scales) and a bass one as well, from Neck Check Guitar, thanks to you, Dave. And I got a Fret Rocker while I was at it.
    Great stuff. Happy to have it.
    Cheers for the recommendation!

  5. Scott Waters

    As a Patreon, not trying to be a whole-ass or even an ass-whole, but it would have been a plus to see the results of the finish repairs. Don't care much about the fretwork.
    I know cameras don't always show what our eyes see, but nonetheless, it would have been a nice gesture to show us the results of your efforts….. win or lose.

  6. bob bitchen

    If the Martins had a gloss finish on their low end models,they would look just as good,so when I get another fret box it will be a Taylor,.Nice job Dave.

  7. gordon cowan

    Does that steaming work on tops too. My little Larrivee was owned by Edward Scissorhands and has pick scratches in all the wrong places.

  8. SteveM

    Hi Dave, will that technique for removing the mark on the neck also work on a lightly lacquered Fender style maple neck?

    I also have an aggressive stand.

  9. Charles Fitch Guitar

    I had one of these guitars and wasn't happy with it. Don't let the Brand Names foolya. Just placed an order from the Neck Check guy. Thanks dave!

  10. fw1421

    Beautiful guitar,but for what Taylor charges it should be.

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