Technique Lesson-Strumming Pattern 1-Acoustic Guitar-Beginners.


  1. Russell Newton

    My strumming went to pot after a stroke, so I’m back to basics. Cheers Wayne for the help.

  2. Gary Hatfield

    Feedback – this was really helpful for me, I have been learning for 8 months, can't read music and find strumming difficult. Some more patterns would very much be appreciated and helpful, if you're kind enough to provide. Being Northern really helps a fellow northern lad too lol. Joking aside If you really want me to dig deeper I have watched a number of videos but this one seems to be the right level of educational without being patronising…. If that makes sense.

  3. mk w

    Had/Have a nightmare picking up strumming patterns. What would be really helpful in your videos is not just saying what the chords and strumming pattern is ie DDUDU but also if have to change chord on an up, or if there is a quick change/half bar between chords ie A ddudu G ddu to E du to C ddudu….. hope that makes sense, as obviously it wouldnt sound right if stuck to DDUDU throughout. One thing I do on your videos which really helps is to slow the speed down (click on cog) and watch your arm for when you change. Like you say though you have to feel it and get into your own rhythm otherwise it can sound a bit regimental and robotic.

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