The Climb – Guitar Lesson – Miley Cyrus – Acoustic Cover – Hannah Montana – (Cover by Pete Winnett)


  1. Lloyd Cox

    Great job as usual Miley. Oh sorry, it's you Peter :)Enjoyed my friend. Thumbs way up…..Lloyd.

  2. Asa Mana

    Been trying to learn this for awhile this video helped a lot thank you!

  3. KTMX

    super channel. I like and saved
    please visit us

  4. Bob Tulip

    Great performance Pete. You have done this difficult song justice. Bob

  5. shargram

    Good performance and lesson Pete, great to hear you again.I had to 're-subscribe to your channel AGAIN thanks to Google, so please check you are still subbed to me Pete.Apparently, to receive anyone's e-mails, you have to click on the little gear-wheel like icon next to the subscribe button on anyone's channel.You no longer get them automatically like before, so it might be worth checking that little box in future when you subscribe to anyone.

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