The Famous David Gilmour BEND


  1. Paul Davids

    Hi! The band aid thing at the beginning was just a joke. Playing these bends properly, with the right technique, shouldn't be painful. It's okay if it becomes painful for the fingertips, especially if you're new to this, but your finger itself should not feel pain of any kinds.
    In the end my finger did hurt a little, yes. Doing A LOT of 2/2.5 step bends whilst preparing for this video is not something you regularly do 🙂

  2. frank maiello

    For the intrepid only.. Lol

    Talk about needing a band aid, I was so into sitar back in the 60's, which is primarily played with the index finger, that I was playing sliding up and down the main string, strong INTO a bleeding cut/cleft! I exaggerate not. (Of course usually cranked on psychotropics.. 😉 ) Thinking about it now makes me CRINGE!

  3. keviekev

    7:45 it must have been pretty painfull feeling that string over your fingernails 😂 i can relate

  4. Michael Sun

    Cool teacher! Really appreciate your work, man! Expect some gilmourish solos at our next gigs 🙂

  5. randomsubscriber100

    How in the world are you able to move your hands up the fretboard while still playing fast notes. I still can't seem to understand any of that and can't break out of the whole boxed scales because I don't know where to go or what to play

  6. Twin4221

    His style was so slow and psychedelic that people who don't play guitar don't realize he was a string murderer. One of the most recognizable styles of all time.

  7. jukeboxjoe

    Hey Paul! What tips do you have on keeping other strings quite when bending? For example when hitting those 1 1/2 to 2 step bends you'll inevitably press against the adjacent strings. When I bring the bend back down usually the adjacent strings will ring a little bit and kinda ruin the musicality. Suggestions? Thanks!

  8. 130starfish

    and the band-aids kept piling up…  It's a bitch when you go to bend and the string gets stuck under your nail… ROFL…. I keep a BIG box of Band-aids near by

  9. Ndogg550

    I have played pretty recreationally for 25yrs and have never been very good, but i LOVE watching your videos. Sadly, I have long forgotten notes, chord names and any theory i learned as a kid, but have always been very adept at playing by ear. So some of your lessons are a bit over my vocabulary, but still enjoyable.

    Im glad (for us viewers) you quit your teaching job, but those students missed out. You are a fantastic teacher. Keep up the good work!

  10. David Andrews

    Best advice was the band aids. Got a set of band aids with Mr Gilmour's face on it. Great for doing my 4 step bends. Seriously, great video. Thanks

  11. elliott113

    i stopped 38 seconds in…. here's why, you're supposedly making a video of emulating someone elses preformance, and showcasing one of their techniques, and then… you improvise over it…… it makes absolutely no sense to improvise over the thing that the is supposedly about! i'm genuinely mad that i fell for your clickbait.

  12. dandorledo

    you are in 9/46 as DG is playing 10,5/49 AND even 11/52!!! that's easy in 09/46 but you loose power I think …great vid BTW….and nice Partcaster….

  13. frank maiello

    Very inspirational.. I was able to get the general feel and was somehow able to get right into it! Thx!

  14. Chaotic Neutral

    hey paul, idk if you have the time to get into a question of mine related to bending, theres a place i cant get it right, mainly on the high e around the mid sections, for example the full step bend on the 10th fret on the high e needed to play "jessica" by the allman brother band is impossible for me, i cant seem to bend it that far it takes alot of strenght and it snapped my string 3 times already.

  15. Marc PERRIER

    Hi ! Another trick…. As I have small hands and fingers, it is almost impossible to reach 2,5 when bending with the ring finger… Much easier using the middle finger… 🙂

  16. Hyowo Katzamuaio

    How many times did your strings break while recording this video?
    I can do those bands, but im afraid of breaking my strings and getting poor of just playing bends


    You forgot Gilmour's sickest bend (the one in DOGS). Was this on purpose because you wanted to concentrate on the more famous Confortably Numb, or you really forgot ?

  18. Serge Campeau

    It also depends on the wire size. Not a good idea trying this with Blues large strings unless playing a half step down like Steve Ray.

  19. redefyne

    I always get unwanted fretted noise from the d string when do big bends on the g string how do you guys mute it?

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