The Loar LH-350VS Hollowbody guitar “Pro’s & Con’s” Review of a seriously nice guitar!


  1. Oskari Leikos

    I strongly disagree. I have owned the smallest one of the Masterbilt Century series, the Olympic (500€) for one year and I couldn't be happier with it. I have not found a single flaw or disappointment on that guitar.
    The neck profile is very comfortable, but not thin, the finish is very smooth and the fretwork is very well done; the frets are smooth and don't stick out.
    The sound is exactly the opposite as you described: for the small size the guitar is very loud (as loud as any big dreadnought, even louder than many) and has lots of midrange and treble end. I've been playing it in big groups and the sound always cuts through.
    Of course I am not even nearly as experienced with archtop guitars than you are, but every single guitarist that has played my Olympic has liked it and said that it sounds like a much more expensive guitar. So… I don't know if you played some bad individuals or if you happen to have a very different taste in guitars than I do, but I would recommend (at least) the Olympic for anyone. I haven't tried the bigger size models, the Zenith and De Luxe, but the Olympic is great.

  2. greatvanzinni

    Hmm, interesting but at around 720 for the Loar,  the Peerless low end for a bit more has my attention too.

  3. DwightMS1

    You have me convinced. I'll compare it with an Emperor Joe Pass and a Peerless when I go shopping.

  4. Harlem Wright

    How is it acoustically? Also, have you ever looked at the Washburn j600 and thoughts?


    A rough solder joint comes also with a higher resistance to the flow of current which can ultimately change the tonal characteristics of the guitar electrically. My suggestion; Take it apart and re solder. While your at it, why not change out all of the electronics components including the Kent Armstrong pickup, for the American made counterparts? The betterment in tone, pick response and volume are appreciable. I did this mod on a Korean made D'Angelico Excel [very similar guitar] and it worked like gang busters.

    Generally I think that Korea is finally learning how to build a guitar, but they still have a good long way to go to compete with true craftsmen. Would I recommend this guitar on a budget. Sure..why not

  6. Kayalka

    Hi, may I ask you the amplification you are using please ? I that an amp or an audio interface ?

  7. Simon Widdowson

    Interesting review Lewin – I have been looking at this guitar and have read some reviews that were not very positive, especially regarding craftmanship and general build quality but I take it you seem quite happy!

  8. jaqetall

    I love the sound when fingerpicking, I'm a bass player, but love the fingerpicking in guitars. And in this guitar it sounds specially beautiful.

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