The Nutty Thing About Stratocasters Ed Dana Guitar Repair


  1. Johnathan Jordan

    Always really liked that guitar,glad it’s back hope to see more of it,and I no the the beck strat you mean

  2. Evilwhiteclownpunk

    You had to break the nut to fix the nut… that guitar is totally NEKKID??? Did you squish the bug???

  3. Nic James

    nice work Ed,…..the stink bug and spider bit made me chuckle!

  4. Steve Harris

    Good Job Ed!!!!!!))) Sounds Good!!!!)))????????????????????????????????????????

  5. Shoman Blues

    haha, what ever busts your nut. Thank Stevie we're never happy… Always something to shim,, change, polish.. Thanks.

  6. Harold Cook

    I guess I never showed you the super glue with either baking soda or cornstarch trick for filling in a nut slot that’s too deep. It would have saved you all this grief.

  7. R King

    Use Elmer's Carpenter's Glue – the brown stuff, not the white stuff. That's what Paul Quinn uses.

  8. Randy Schartiger

    at first I thought this was gonna be another one of your HD repair videos! lol that is a sweet guitar!

  9. smartypantz Number

    Q tip soaked in naptha both sides wrap it in plastic let it sit ..they pop out easy..wont hurt the wood or swell it…done it a few times

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