The Police – Roxanne – Guitar Lesson – How to Play on Guitar, Tutorial, Guitar Lesson


  1. drunkgamer135

    Marty please I'm begging you to do a jigsaw falling into place lesson I need it really badly and keep up the good work!

  2. drinksalot33

    Can you do a lesson for Sister Christian. Please, I would love to know to play that song.

  3. Ekkix

    Hi Marty,
    as always a great lesson – thanks, mate.
    Btw, how about Cm7/G instead of Cm/G in the intro? IMHO it (kinda) 'complements' the airy F7sus4 somewhat better. I'm sure Mr. Summers will forgive us… 😉

  4. Matthieu The Indigochild Cédilotte

    Hey Marty thanks a lot for all your video it helps me a lot your by far the best out there!!! As a Hip-Hop fan i would like you to make some video of some cool Hip-Hip riff if you like… no special demand your pick thanks man!!!!!!

  5. J Wilder

    Hey Marty, are you any effects to get the sound of is it just clean settings on your amp?

  6. Trist Botha

    can you make a video about how to play lake of fire by nirvana on electric guitar pls

  7. Jeffery B

    Marty helps me play in hours things that I've struggled with for a long time. Thanks Marty!

  8. MrKieron

    as i was going to watch this video, i got an ad, but it had Marty. i continued to watch the entire ad.

  9. kjilk simble

    correct me if im wrong but in this song is that called shank guitar playing?

  10. Mashrur Kazi

    I grew up watching your videos Marty. You really helped me with my guitar skills. Best of luck with your new stuff

  11. Payton Keough

    That would be absolutely amazing if you did a tutorial on terra nova by James Taylor

  12. Matthew Howe

    Marty I love you! The fraud or whoever took over the last channel is putting ads on your current videos fyi. Just looking out for you.

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