The Top Five Coolest Beatles Guitars


  1. Blinki18284

    I knew all 5 guitars, BUT: I had never seen the stratocaster pictures. What a weird feeling to see Lennon with a Strat. 😀

  2. Cozmovox

    the rosewood telecaster….that gorgeous brown bread cheese sandwich….For god's sake ! you're not a real nerd !

  3. Andrew Rothman

    George’s guitar actually appeared in four promotional videos, given that the Lady Madonna promo video is essentially the same footage from Hey Bulldog re-edited.

  4. jsilence418

    McCartney's Rick can be heard on PAPERBACK WRITER/RAIN released in April of 66 .

  5. Ndlanding

    I've given you a like, but really? No sounds? OK, copyright permissions might limit the length of the sounds, but making a silent video about guitars is in the realm of chocolate teapots.

  6. Aaron Stark

    George's red SG and the Fender Bass VI are my favorite Beatles instruments. Both in terms of look and tone. George's tone on Paperback Writer and Rain is my favorite Beatle guitar tone and John's tone with the Bass VI on Helter Skelter is killer as well.

  7. Spartanm333

    Thanks for the upload, interesting.

    I think George's early Gretsch guitars are worth a mention as they figured highly in the original Beatles sound which was an attempt (at least by George) to mirror Carl Perkins and Chet Atkins, the early country / blues pre-cursors of American rock and roll. George loved and emulated these players and brought a 'higher level' of guitar picking and slide to the other Beatles, notably John. I believe George was instrumental in bringing the guitar (brand) to the UK which led to other players like Pink Floyd's David Gilmour adopting them, and of course Eric Clapton who played a Gretsch in the Yardbirds and has stated that he idolised George and The Beatles. Interestingly Eric would follow George to the Gibson SG (Cream) and Fender Stratocaster (solo career).

    George moved from the large, hollow bodied, twangy Country Gentleman to the more compact, (chambered) solid body Gretsch G6128 Duo Jet (he purchased a '57 in the early 1960s) – and this would be the guitar I would feature in a top 5, not least for the Filtertron pickups which pre date Gibson for use of hum-buckers. He brought it back out again for his solo career and it featured on the cover of Cloud Nine A signature model was later introduced by Gretsch and their is a nice piece about it on the official George Harrison website here: If I could afford the £3500 price tag I would buy one of these – for now I will stick to my Pro Jet Gold Top, a stunning guitar in its own right with TV Jones blacktop Filtertrons (50's re-issue) and more exclusive than an LP. Pic:


  8. mrfester42

    The Beatles never made promotional videos. They made promotional films.

  9. Sten Mark

    George destroy his 1965 stratocaster whit ugly color….. Its a cryin shame….!

  10. Pierre DuBois

    Interesting piece. Lennon's LesPaul wasn't a Beatles guitar, though. I'd have included Harrison's Ric 425 or McCartney's Esquire.

  11. Papa Greene

    "Did I miss anything?"
    Yes Mark, the title of the Beatles song was not "All We Need Is Love" but "All You Need Is Love"…. A small point, but at least as important as which guitars they used.

  12. Joe  S

    Yes. Lennon’s Gibson special, with Charlie Christian neck pickup, is sweet. My new obsession.

  13. Mike C

    What about the Fender Strat used for the solo on Nowhere Man?

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