THE WEEKLY RIFF – Myles Kennedy “Year Of The Tiger” Guitar Lesson | GEAR GODS


  1. Lothar ThirtyFour

    "I used to teach guitar a long time ago,…..until I realized I'm the best rock front man on the planet" Ok I added that last part but he had to thinking it

  2. chris cummings

    Were it not for Slash I would never have discovered Myles as my music tastes moved on with my age but I always stayed close to Slash from being a massive GnR fan… Thank you Slash.
    Myles Kennedy is a GOD.
    The album is amazing.

  3. Tony Purcell

    Always comes across as a really great guy, thanks for the lesson Gear Gods, Myles Kennedy is awesome!

  4. Eric Valverde

    this guy have an INCREDIBLE voice…love his work with Alter Bridge…but i have something to say: COME ON, PLAY THE MARK RIFFS, I KNOW YOU CAN, I REALLY KNOW YOU CAN

  5. moomoo

    Thank you! I was driving myself nuts trying to figure this out.

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