Things You Never Use in Your Solos – Mixolydian – Modern Guitar Devices


  1. J Andrew

    I would greatly appreciate a pentatonic lesson with 3 notes per string 🙂

  2. Gunnar .Millholen

    Yours is the first guitar lesson channel I've subscribed to in a sea of such videos. I like the approach. I did notice, however, on Example 3 on the last two notes you repeat the F# in the notation, but play the E which sounds correct. I apologize if I am being redundant as this might have already been pointed out. Cheers!

  3. Andrea Mercurio

    Jens, one question : when I improvise on a " I 7 – IV 7 – I 7 " , I always find myself developing melodic ideas more on the I than the IV chord, because the latter appears for SUCH A LIMITED TIME in a song, that I don't have much time to actually FULLY DEVELOP an idea on it… what do you think ?

  4. H Kay

    I'm enjoying the 'jumping around' of the notes and the melodic strengths too…..great tips.The triads too are always so effective.Thank you.

  5. shitmandood

    Awesome lesson. I had heard that Inner Urge at some point in my childhood, but never knew who it was. Maybe it was in an old 60s film or something. By all means, produce a video on 3-note-per-string pentatonic scales. 8-}

    No gf this weekend. No bills. Nothing to do. Just me, the guitar & my PC music production system. Can't wait!!!

  6. mismos00

    Would love to hear a lesson on three notes per string pentatonic licks and how it opens it up to a more modern sound!

  7. mattmusic bro

    j'adore cet chaîne ,
    j'aimerai tellement qu'il fasse un livre de méthode sur la guitare jazz
    avec tous ce qu'il a déjà fait , cela me rendrais plus facile la tâche ;), suivre sur pc c'est pas toujours pratique

  8. Jens Larsen

    Here are some Mixolydian ideas! Is there a chord sound or mode you'd like me to do a lesson on?

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