This Week’s Cool Guitar Repair-Gretsch Black Falcon fretwork!


  1. Doron Markowitz

    1/8" is a bit too high, definitely. in order to really cut down the buzzing, I recommend having the frets leveled and recrowned.

  2. Mike Tipton

    i have the white falcon , strings were buzzing , they raised the strings to a little over 1/8 inch at the 12th fret , seems a little high to me , and also what size strings should i have to help cut buzzing down ?

  3. Doron Markowitz

    well the strings should align with the pickup polepieces for optimal response. As for your second question, I'm not sure what you mean.

  4. Mosconi526

    I have the exact same guitar! Love it!!!! I have a question though, my strings.. should they be positioned directly over the pickup post? On mine, the strings tend to ride a little lower (down, toward the High E String)… are they all like this? Thanks! 🙂

  5. Doron Markowitz

    well it's a combination of adjusting the truss rod for the right amount of relief and turning the height wheels of the bridge to bring the bridge down.

  6. LaybackThunder

    Just a few words, awesome falcon, I can hear the sound punching my hear…"Falcon Punch' 😀

  7. kordeo

    I have it! I have it ! I have it ! But with bigsby ! Finally ! 🙂

  8. Tim Hogan

    if i post you some high quality cigars you might ship that bad boy out to me what you say

  9. Doron Markowitz

    yeah, if the strings sit too high off the first fret, then the nut slots need to be deepened. just make sure to use the right nut slot files, or needle files for the correct string gauge. And work slowly.

  10. kordeo

    It is Black Falcon G6136 DSBK with dynasonic pickups? I want bay this model, if sound is the same like a White Falcon G6136T LDS. Do You know maybe? 🙂

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