TNT Solo by AC/DC – Guitar Lesson – Angus Young


  1. Frank Paparo

    Really love your videos, so easy to understand! Really changing my playing, thanks for sharing

  2. Edinjo Mamaj

    Great lesson, just one Tip, it would be awesome if you would record the whole solo slowly for practice 🙂 like on the endings of the single parts.


  3. Mechabite

    great lesson. My only suggestion is to put the hammer ons and pull offs in the tab, otherwise i have to keep watching back the same parts to see whether i need to hammer on and pull off etc.

  4. iron man

    im not sure if i just didnt see it but could u do a tutorial for Thunderstruck? By the way love ur lessons.

  5. Job Muiles

    You shook me all night long was easily doable but this one is a bit too hard for me 😛

  6. Darcy R

    Hi Bobby i love your tutorials .Would you do a lessson on Billy and the Hoo Doos Somthings Wrong and the song 50 They are both great songs.What do you think?
    Thanks Darcy

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