Top 10 classic metal riffs. Metal Guitar for Beginners


  1. TheRev

    I'm impressed you get such a Beef McLarge-Huge tone outta just a bucker(or p90?) in bridge. And I don't mean that as some sort of gear-head dick measuring statement, I just mean I am impressed, since as much as I love the bright timbre of that position of the three pickups I've swapped out I never get much low end. Noice!

  2. Agar4Life

    Metal Guitar for Beginners: Lesson 2.5
    Play each of these 10 riffs for 5 minutes each at full volume to get kicked out of ANY guitar store.

  3. The Dog Ring

    This is for beginners right? So…SHOW us how to tune the guitar, and everything else. We don't know shit

  4. dinomark lee

    I only know the smoke on the water riff. Thanks I will try the other nine. Good tube distortion you have .

  5. infinityBINKS

    Shut the fuck up debby jones. Idc if youre a quilter or a mother or grandmother.

  6. Jason Willett

    I don't think he said this is how to play…..just some riff beginners should know….

  7. John Moss

    Why an earth would you remove the pick ups, the Ibanez s series comes with good EMG pickups

  8. robbie roche

    dude a geetar one pickup one tune knob bare shell great guitar tho just makes ur video viable to learners basic set up im here to brush up on a 7 year gap get back on me bike so they speak but fairplay great inspiration on this one ill sub and follow best of luck

  9. 47ravenlord

    Here are some riffs that all beginners should learn to play….but i will not show you how to play them so please eat a bag of dicks while watching me play them.

  10. Benny Natsch

    great selection of riffs and I'm glad you picked standard tuning to start off in

  11. John W.

    nice songs, good guitar player, but the video is shit, because no beginner can play those songs, and really not with this "lesson video"..

  12. huey freeman

    when i saw top ten classic metal riffs i was definitely expecting cemetery gates .. but at least pantera made the list i guess

  13. Primordial Dragon

    tbh if some1 can play those, he can play painkiller-judas priest riff & master of puppets-metallica intro

  14. Hassaan Guitarist

    you are talented bro and tutorial is awesome . and your tutorial starts like fun with flags by sheldon cooper . love it

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