Top 5 WEIRDEST Guitars Of The 1960s


  1. Sam Johnson

    A lot of unnecessarily obfuscated info on the Vox organ guitar. All of the techno-babble to (not quite) say "when you press a fret, it makes an organ note corresponding to the fretted one"

  2. Kewl Beans

    i would've put strawberry alarm clock's custom mosrite guitars at #1.

  3. TooLooze

    I have several "Teisco" guitars under various or no names that have the classic Japanese switches, pickups, body shapes, dials and often metal pickguards. Most sound great and many are still very affordable.

  4. Rick Autry

    Oof. The 'Bikini' sounded just awful once it had a little time to burn in the components.

  5. Lilith Calbridge

    I actually still have one of the Silvertone guitars with the amplifier built into the case. The hinges are coming off but it's otherwise still intact.

  6. cartmanrlsusall

    You Tube studio articles, when you get a certain amount of prescribers,you get access to stock scripts, it helps to generate more hits

  7. lazy RRR

    Kripes – had a Greco 3 pu when i was 13 … 🔮 if i could've know !

  8. денис дроздов

    Do a vid on soviet guitars. Soviets looked at those dope Italian and Japanese models and decided to manufacture something like that in a full-scale factory super-cheap way. They had a stereo guitar named Stella, a SG7 clone (with body redrawn under Stratocaster influence) named Ural, and a full guitar-band set (4-string bass, 12-string rhythm, 6-string lead, two amps and light controller) of hollow-bodies made of plastic.

  9. monadyne

    I'm so psyched! I own a Wandré Rock Oval, and I also have Mod Bikini! (And an unknown Wandré electric, perhaps a prototype that never went into production.) DiPioli was an incredible genius. His design ideas were probably influenced by Italian Futurism the way Leo Fender's were influenced by Cubism.

    That Greco's pickups are incredible.

  10. Thomas Farrell

    This dumb Brit likes to think London was some sort of cultural paradise and wants to believe British music dominated the world, but the truth is that hip London in the sixties was made up of about a couple hundred people. And the music? The British invasion lasted maybe two years. The British and American pop charts were overwhelmingly dominated by Americans for the entire sixties, and the hippest places in the world where the REAL action was taking place were Greenwich Village,LA, and Frisco.

  11. Thomas Pappalardo

    I'd say the Vox Kensington beats half this list and the guitar that Steinberger based their entire line was also created by Dick Denney but I forget what company it was


    I'm going to be honest, the vox guitar, when I was younger and knew absolutely nothing about electric guitars and music, I thought that was how ALL electric guitars worked
    (well i thought each fret had a contact under the frets, and when you fretted it a computer inside produced the note)

  13. Glenn Higgins

    Too bad no guitar sound samples were included, especially for the Vox. This would've been the right format for a proper review.

  14. Sheldon Cooper81

    A guitar with a build in AMP thats genius. I wonder why there were other guitar manufacturers that tried that concept during the 70 ies

  15. Sean Arseo

    I used to have a vintage SG7 I got as payment for doing some work for someone I knew. Had to let it go at a massive loss, something I still regret.

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