Wake Me Up | Avicii guitar chords (How to play) Easy beginner songs guitar lesson


  1. sam jones

    noone plays this correct your missing the open riff for a start has more than 4 chords properly played, and also the second part of first riff has bm g d a f#m . keep practicing

  2. Ahnaf Dragneel

    You know what? This tutorial is gonna help people out even for the next couple of decades, unlike many other ones.

  3. Seth Reynolds

    What pisses me off about these type of videos is when they sometimes don't show you where to put your fingers.

  4. Carter Pate

    This is an amazing tutorial for an amazing song. Definitely subscribing!

  5. Princess Janel

    i want to make it slower. though I'm still learning the strumming. can I get a good sound if i make it a bit acoustic?

  6. Bob Rannigan

    Andy, you and your buddy are a good team and good teacher(s) thanks for your generosity of spirit

  7. kennedy072

    Can you make a tutorial for daughtery songs and please make it an easy one

  8. Account Offline

    The guitar dude was probably forced to be serious it's either that or he just dosnt want to be on youtube

  9. Aaron Ohnemus

    I loved this video, and subscribed because of it! This was a phenomenal tutorial, better than people with millions of subscribers who taught it. Great work!

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