Wake Me Up When September Ends Green Day Guitar Tutorial (How to play) EASY song


  1. Kiry T

    Omg omg dude.. U r awesme n ur voice is damn cool…

  2. AJV

    Andy can u make still breadthing lesson with capo

  3. Irina Shu

    Hello, Andy, I am sorry it's maybe too late but where can I get Chord sheet and tab?

  4. noel cowo

    For the parts with open chords, it's also really cool to start with a Dsus4 for eight strums and then a D major for another eight strums. All down strums since it's a more power driven part of the song. 🙂

  5. Billy Levy

    Andy are you in a band and if you are where can we check you out I'm in a band

  6. Chilly

    the link to the Sheet just takes me to the webiste but not the sheet itself:(

  7. George Avedis

    how do you color and dress up chords can you tell?especially when you ring G chord.

  8. Iacopo Carlini

    Thank you so much Andy 🙂 You're such a good teacher and your lessons make everything less obscure. I'm a Green Day fan too, so I liked this lesson a lot.

  9. 9cowbell9

    Traded my ⚽️ for a guitar with my Cousin today so excited to learn it!!

  10. Rather British

    I keep on touching the open string with my ring finger at the beginning. Help please?

  11. MVinnyA

    am I the only one who thinks he looks like Rhett from GMM

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