WASP – I WANNA BE SOMEBODY – Guitar Lesson by Mike Gross


  1. troy zane

    Sweet guitar man got a get. One and wasp always has jamming riffs

  2. Seltun Koko

    I got many lesson of lamb of god -512 from different online teacher but I believe that you will shut my mouth, if you teach me how to play 512 by lamb of god

  3. J C

    Great…plse show the solo…there are too less solo-lessons on youtube….I am addicted to solooos????????????????

  4. Sean Miller

    Long live the great metal bands of the 80's! You know who you are… No Brett Michaels not talking about you.


    Hey mike. I was thinking of getting one of those exact same model schecters, how good are they?

  6. KyleGC

    Plz more Richie Sambora stuff. Preferably Bon Jovi – Let It Rock

  7. River Hughes

    hey mike, love the vid,
    can you do "gematria" (the killing name) by slipknot?

  8. Flame bringer

    Hello Mike, my name is Caleb. One of my all time favorite guitarists is Ronnie Tekro. I was wondering if you could do a full song video of Intuition, my favorite TNT song. If you don't get to it or if you don't want to I understand by all I ask is to please take this request into consideration. Thank you! Also, would you be able to send me written tabs, that's how I learn songs the best?

  9. McKagan Stradlin Sixx

    Thankyou so fucking much!!!! W.A.S.P. has truly helped me through a lot through life, and being a guitarist myself, definitely huge influences on my own playing, but especially Crüe. Keep rocking Mike!!!!!

  10. Gabriels Nightmare

    Is there any chance you could go back into making tutorials for new modern emo metal post hardcore stuff. Like black veil brides and escape the fate and stuff.

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