What’s on the Bench? – 06/10/17


  1. Tim Beaton

    Sort of miss seeing that blue hair, at the bottom of the stairs during these walkabouts…

  2. tMattLZ

    Every person's English accent sounds slightly different

  3. kssarh

    That logo looks a hundred times better with black binding on the headstock. Really surprised how such a small details completely changes the look.

  4. Dave Erving Evader Knives

    I just found this channel, I am so glad too. I have had a "Epiphone" that looks like a B.C Rich Bich, since 85'ish(it was my 2nd guitar), it has set gutted since about 86'(I was 15), I thought I could put a locking nut on it. It has a through body neck, so I was surprised to find(after removing the dust) it was still straight. I did my 1st rebuild with an Epiphone Les Paul(I blacked out everything & used push/pull knobs for more options), it turned out real nice. Then I just finished making my Kramer HSS into a HSH(with an Invader on the bridge and Hot rails on the neck). I also put parallel switches on both. I really love doing these builds. I have played for years and been into electronics and carpentry for years, but now I can put them all together. OK, rant over, thanks for all the great videos.

  5. CPettybone1

    Have y'all ever thought of making fret polishing erasers shaped like Ben's head?

  6. A1BASE

    Tom's guitar is ( I think) the best looking guitar to come out of Crimson workshops yet. the only thing I don't like is the metal plate of the jack point. Everything else is stunning.

  7. bigfancycar

    Lovely guitars. But why are you consistently pointing that taser at these people? They seem harmless.

  8. JediDojo

    Shy boy suddenly a YouTube star. Going grey a bit there son…

  9. Peter Riley

    One thing that always bugs me about these walk rounds, you never see the brewing up room..

  10. Kateri Beauregard

    Spencer, your guitar looks like it's coming along!! I love that there's some wood vain happening at the tip! Can't wait to see the finished product!

  11. dsfadsfgafgf

    love that first master build. It's reminiscent of the Gibson Modern Double Cut only better.

  12. sinnersdwarf

    both them Master Builds are awesome the New Logo works really nice on them on darker headstocks though would black be the way to go or silver, I'm changing my mind on the new headstock logo hope to see the the circular British plectrum stamp is being kept as that to me is Crimson's signature.

  13. Robert Strefford

    Tom’s guitar is stunning. You guys should turn that into a RAW series. I’d buy one in a heartbeat. It looks like something Josh Homme might play!

  14. Simone Camplani

    It would be maybe nice if news pass underneath the video like in daily news, you could skip minutes of talking and who is interested can read as well

  15. Myk Hough

    Love Tom's double-cutaway but he shouldn't listen to Ben when he recommends stainless steel – ask Christopher about the frets! I notice you didn't bother trying to track down Josh and Amanda this time. Maybe you're not as mean as Ben 🙂

  16. ThomEA

    I love Tom's asymmetrical 335 profile guitar, it looks really fresh, looks like he stayed away from contouring the back to stay in line with the Gibson, on a solid body could you have gone a little thinner too like Sam's? Egads both are Really beautiful, I wonder if Tom's will be a little heavy for some players, just nitpicking though really, it's amazing looking! Can't wait to see some oil on that impregnated burl wood also! (drool drool)

  17. Stef VA

    James, how is the new guitar going? We haven't seen any videos.

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