Whitey Morgan covers Waylon Jenning’s ‘Waymore’s Blues”


  1. Rob Hambrick

    I'm late but Im here fuckers!!! Looking for that real country and found these dudes covering one of my favorite songs. Metal head approved

  2. peter betts

    Sounds good Whitey. Too bad your sound man werent as good as your camera man.

  3. pamela mcgavock

    Recently seen this amazing artist, wrong venue! He didn't get the justice he deserved AMAZING ARTIST

  4. asmfmjb

    Ya know, I was in my 20's when Willie, Waylon, Jerry Jeff, Merle, Guy, Townes, and all the rest were making outlaw country, had to wait 40 years for all of the new breed to come along, but damn they're all doing it good!

  5. ih1206

    Oh hell yeah. Such a great and gritty version of this song. Waylon would be proud fellas.

  6. Bohenek Horsemanship

    These boys are the real deal!….I was lucky enough to catch them in Missoula, Montana at the Top Hat back in June…..They KILLED IT!!……Better live then their recordings and that is hard to do because their albums are outstanding. No frills, no BS, NO FAKE ASS COUNTRY!! ….Some of the best out there hands down….. can't wait to see them live again…..Keep slinging it Whitey… you are carrying the tradition on in first class fashion brother!

  7. Cole Sandberg

    This needs to be recorded and put on your next album. Amazing loved your Waylon cover of going down rocking. Real country music

  8. Hokey Sloan

    I love doin' this song. Well actually, I love doin' about every Hoss song there is!

  9. Shaun Jones

    Hey steel driver keep it up bud. You're great. That's what makes the song. ๐Ÿ™‚

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