*WITH TABS* The Stand (Live in Miami) – Hillsong Worship – Electric Guitar Tutorial (Key of B)


  1. Phillip Foster

    Great job! Love this song(any version) but I feel like the way you did it(and Hillsong) allows for you to worship and stand in awe of Him! I can’t stop playing it now lol…thanks for the tabs well!

  2. Buddy JR

    man, some day I hope to own a guitar this beautiful and amazing sounding. Glory to the Lord most high!

  3. Alex Murray

    Thanks – that's really well explained, especially the use of effects.

  4. Roc S

    I have been looking for a tutorial for this specific version for 3 years. Nothing came close. Thank you so much!

  5. Frank Kortez

    Is this really the live in Miami version? The song still great, only that the voice of Joel Houston sounds different.

  6. Jason Lee

    This is my favorite worship song, and yet even though I have played it many times its like you have given the song new life. I love your use of volume control, clean boost, overdrive and reverb and how all that is explained. Great playing. I am going to have to practice everything in this video because I can't keep playing it like I was. Thank you, God bless you and yours.

  7. Daniel Webster

    Good video as always! You should listen to Miracles by JC. It has awesome electric parts.

  8. Hayden D

    Hey, man! Do you leave your compressor on at all times? Sounds great!

  9. CaptainSprk

    Pretty sweet man. Keep it up. What you do is not only useful for other guitarist but it's also inspiring.

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