You Got the Silver (Lesson) – Rolling Stones


  1. lawdhaffmuhsee

    Can't thank you enough for your lessons/videos. Love your teaching style-sorting out a song in 3-7mins! Love that! Had some life stuff going down lately, but learning these songs just brings the big smile. Again, thank u so much.

  2. Mike Marsh

    Very good to see you back! Love all your work! never let the trolls win! Keep Rockin!!

  3. hazor777

    Good to see you're back, dude ! Nice lesson, timeless tune !

  4. moterani

    I have this same guitar. I found it for a good price at guitar center. Amazing sound mine is a 200 model. Keep your good work.

  5. wgutherie

    Thanks James James. Yeah, I learned it from the demo on PT before I noticed this….. you are right, that's what the demo's are for. Thanks again! it's a great song to play.

  6. Michael Burgess

    This is fantastic. What a hoot! I love this tune, and I love the way you went about watching yourself to relearn it.

  7. Paul Medis

    Just heard your PT channel swan song. Glad you are willing to continue on a new channel.  I'm a 66 year old engineer who got serious about guitar when I retired.  I have benefited greatly from your excellent videos for which I pay nothing.  Thanks!  I was hooked by your Willin lesson a few years ago. R, Paul from Cape Cod

  8. Branko Dogs

    Thank you for lesson,fantastic song,Susan Tedeschi have a great cover,Open D 9th freet capo,in B

  9. Robert Lane

    Thanks for explaining this. Did you change your channel settings? I'm not seeing the search option. Feeling puzzeled

  10. weejee jones

    Thanks for that again. Ronnie Wood does a sweet version on maybe a '97 200, but without the Keef suspends. There's a nice u-tube with Keef doing the vocals an no guitar and Ronnie doing the slide.

  11. deedubslite

    one addition to that thought!   It's kind of like the beginning to Sweet Black Angel where there's a lot going on with the picking while on the G chord.  I have to slow the video down to see it and get it in my head.

  12. deedubslite

    Excellent!   Yeah!   Thanks!  The problem I had with PT channel post was, I think, the original recording sounds like he's got some right hand action (individual notes laced in there) that I can't zero in on.  But I think I'm seeing it now.  the 1st position "keith chord" when there's a bit of a back-n-forth rhythm to it while on that one chord.
    Does that make any sense?

  13. 19ricky68

    So all I need is a time machine then I can teach myself, a la bill & ted

  14. James Richards

    this video is actually incredibly helpful in the way that I can see how you actually watch the videos in terms of teaching yourself the song. some helpful tips. dope.

  15. Chris C

    James..I really enjoy your lessons. Its a great way to learn how to play and figure out songs on my own. I have accually figured out a few songs myself. Granted they are songs with only 4 or 5 cords but its something I couldn't accomplish before watching your lessons.

  16. E Man

    I think the reason you put the slide on your ring finger in the PT version is because near the end of the song you add your pinky to that typical keith open tuning chord shape. I do the same when I play this one.

  17. y00no

    Definitely a lively and more spontaneous video. And just plain interesting.

  18. Helge Nicholson

    Writing blues songs is easy for cats like Muddy Waters or Robert Johnson, but for a white guy it's quite a challenge. To my mind, this one is brilliant and shows Keith at his best.

  19. Backtoshallabal

    Also. When do you choose to make your videos? I noticed on some of your videos its nice and sunny or you are indoors and the reflection of the sun shines on the Guitar. But this one its night time. Does it matter?

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