Your Latest Trick | Mark Knopfler Songbook | Chords | Lesson 30


  1. Rui Marques

    Thank you again, Pavel! I've been wanting to learn this so badly…Somebody should make you a statue!

  2. Brunno Nunes

    Great, another great lesson with precious tips. I could not help but notice the sequence (LOG, PD and now, YLT), both have something in common, the contruction of it reveal a greater complexity in chords in relation to the songs between 78/80, bring something even more refined. Anyway … this is the richness of Knopfler's work. Congratulations again, your work is quite learned, because it is an x-ray of each song.
    A hug from Brazil!

  3. migue7490

    The sax riff it's amazing, but I also pay atention to the harmony behind it. Good song and lesson.

  4. Vethrfoelnir

    Павел, ну разве же можно выкладывать уроки ночью! Я не мог взять гитару, чтобы не разбудить соседей, но заснуть тоже не мог)

  5. Evgeniy NeutralMusician

    Every sax guy must try this tune when buying a new saxophone 😀
    Seriously, tho it's not 'a guitar composition', it's still one of the best works of Mark. One of the absolute favourites.
    Excellent lesson, as usual, bravo, Pavel.

  6. Nikola Aleksić

    I didn't ask for it but I was hoping long that you would do this one. Can't wait to see the video and start practicing my guitar!

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